Digital Terrain and Watershed Analysis

Instructor: Dr. Hongxing Liu

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Course Overview:

This course covers concepts, numerical algorithms, and techniques for digital terrain and watershed analysis. It combines lectures with a substantial practical lab component. The lectures covers spatial representation of topography, topographical data acquisition techniques (Photogrammetric Stereo, InSAR, LiDAR, GPS, cartography), terrain visualization, terrain parameter derivation, extraction of critical terrain features, landform recognition and classification, viewshed analysis, cut-and-fill and volumetric analysis, drainage network extraction, watershed delineation, and distributed watershed models.
The practical component, involving 8 lab assignments and one individual mini-project, will give students hands-on experience in using proprietary GIS software packages, ArcGIS, EPA BASINS 4.0 and HSPF 12.0 to handle topographic and image data for terrain and watershed analysis.