Harsha Lake

Image Source: Clermont County Ohio

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Geographic location: 39° 01′ 32″ N, 84° 07′ 50″ W
UTM zone: 16 N
Located on the East Fork of the Little Miami River in Clermont County, Ohio. Lies about 25 miles east of Cincinnati.


Field data

  • YSI measurement (.dat and .xls format)
    The measurements are taken on 2013-07-20 and 2013-07-29 from Blue Green Algae Phycocyanin Fluorescence Sensor; Fluorescence Chlorophyll Probe; Turbidity Probe; pH Sensor and ROX Optical Oxygen Sensor.
  • GPS track (.gpx format)
    Positions where YSI and spectral measurements are taken.


Ground spectral data

  • Spectroradiometer data (.asd format)
    The measurements contain spectral signatures of objects in Harsha Lake.


Satellite data

  • Landsat 8 images (.gz format)
    Temporal coverage: 2013-05-26 to 2013-09-08; Datasets: 6; Path: 19, 20; Row: 33.