Bosten Lake

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Geographic location: 42°00´11″N, 87°01´21″E
UTM zone: 45 North
Extent: 41°15´60″N–42°11´40″N; 86°14´00″E–87°12´60″E
Located on the southern slope of Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China; lies in the southeastern part of Yanqi Basin between Tianshan Mountains and Taklimakan Desert.
Elevation: 1048 m a.s.l.
Water surface area: 1100 km2, the largest inland freshwater lake in China
Maximum water depth: 17 m; average depth: 9 m.


Satellite Data

  • Landsat 4, Landsat 5 TM Data
    Temporal coverage: 1989-2011; Number of datasets: 78; Path: 142, 143; Row: 31
  • Landsat 7 ETM+ SLC-on Data
    Temporal coverage: 1999-2003; Number of datasets: 25; Path: 142, 143; Row: 31
  • Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Data
    Temporal coverage: 2013-present; Number of datasets: 14; Path: 142, 143; Row: 31


ICESat Laser Altimetry Data

  • ICESat Laser Altimetry Data


SRTM Topographic Data

  • SRTM Topographic Data


Field Data

  • Field Data