Current support

9/2017-9/2019: Remote Sensing Research on Harmful Algal Blooms in Inland Waters, Co-PI/ Institutional PI, NASA, $562,000, person-months: 1 month/year.

09/2018-8/2020: HABsat-2 – Multi-resolution, radiation resistant, VNIR hyperspectral imaging 6U CubeSat Constellation for littoral ocean, Great Lakes and tributary inland water studies, Co-PI, Office of Naval Research, $300,000, person-months: 0.5 month/year.

6/2017-6/2019: HABsat-1 3U Multispectral CubeSat Student Project, Co-PI, Ohio Sea Grant, $131,083, person-months: 0.3 month/year.

1/2017-1/2019: Application of Airborne LiDAR Remote Sensing for Forestry Inventory in the Appalachian Forest Regions, PI, United States Department of Agriculture, $54,328 person-months: 0.5 month/year.

9/2018-8/2020: Harsha Lake Hyperspectral Mapping Project – Algorithm and Software Development, Co-PI, US Army Corps of Engineers, $45,000, person-months: 0.2 month/year.

5/2017-4/2018: Water Quality Sampling and Water Quality Remote Sensing Algorithm Development, PI, NASA Glenn Research Center, $20,000, person-months: 0.5 month/year.


Pending support

5/2019-4/2022: Characterizing lakes and drained lake basins in ice-rich permafrost tundra regions in the NASA ABoVE domain using multiscale remote sensing observations, Co-PI, NASA HQ, $837,059, person-months: 1 month/year.